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'Feel your writing' is the name of a marketing operation imagined for the brand 'Mont-Blanc'. This operations highlights the importance of handwriting in order to promote the range of Mont-Blanc pens.


This project has been realized at HETIC and has been supervised by Irène Garcia Turcan and Jean-Michel Falligan (design director at Publicis) in order to offer to the HETIC students the occasion to have a marketing reflection in the luxury domain.



In charge of the brand moodboard, I have had to analyse the past and the branding of Mont-Blanc (DNA) in order to transcribe a concept specific to this brand in some pictures.

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Customer Touchpoints

In order to have a maximum visibility, we have realized some strategic studies about our operation, including a customer touchpoints journey. Some of these works are include in our final document.

UX Design


The concept of our marketing operation involved the creation a website that we wanted to be innovative, simple and original. The homepage gives a direct access to the contents and encourages the user to click and discover the immersives movies.

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As the movies were the main content of the operation, we wanted to display them to be in harmony with the artistic direction and the specific navigation. The selection frame becomes a progression timeline of these immersives fullscreen movies.